Business Findability

What is “Business Findability”? It’s the tried and proven story when it comes to positioning your business be it physical or virtual… LOCATION; LOCATION; LOCATION. To attract more customers is the main reason behind marketing. We all want customers coming to us and we also want customers that are want to buy from us, be it our services, products or both!

So how do we attract these customers and how do we get them to buy from us? There are many ways to do this and I believe that one of the best ways is through Social Media Marketing. Think about it… you can engage with “like minded” souls using the SM connections and build these relationships. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field and niche will get the people connected to you talking about your services and products… For more information about this please email me at: Kaojai Social Media Marketing or you can find me on Skype at: or if you are in Australia you can call me on +61 7 5641 2121.

Take care and remember to “pay it forward”



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