Social Media – Have you missed the bus?

Social media technologies has boomed over the last few years and is growing by the second! To answer the question… no you haven’t missed the bus. Many people are asking… what does social media mean to them and to their business?

For the individual it means keeping in touch with friends, family, sharing information, photos, videos, stories, news and maybe even reconnecting with old relationships! How do you get started? Easy, find out which social media source or sources your friends and family are using and ask them for some help to get you started. You don’t have to be an expert to get going and you will soon learn some of the tricks.

For businesses; social media is a great tool for networking with individuals and groups who can benefit from your services and products. So how do you get your business on-line with social media and how do you use this to create more business? The first question is simple… if you are involved in a business support group or business networking group you can ask people there for help to get you started.

Using social media will improve the on-line (virtual) and off-line (physical) “Findability” of your business and this in turn will help your business to attract more customers. So how do you use social media to improve the Findability of your business? You can search the internet for tools and ways to apply social media to your marketing plans or you can contact someone like me to help you get great results by generating more customers and increasing sales of your services and products!

To learn more about how I can help you please send me an email to arrange a free 1 hour consultation and to receive a free information package with lots of links to the free tools you can use yourself! We can use Skype to Skype or I can call you on a land line at no cost to you!

Take care… and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Coach Brian


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