Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching should provide a safe and secure environment that allows the client to explore and discover what Social Media means to them and their business.

The new module of “Social Media Coaching” provides the opportunity to support people in discovering answers to their questions. Some can be answered in a coaching environment while other questions will have to be attended to in a mixed coaching and consulting environment.

A 2010 survey (by Kaojai Coaching) of on-line businesses and businesses wanting to be on-line; provides some interesting results. The questions selected, were a) to establish that the source of information came from business people, b) discover some of the concerns and fears of Social Media and c) to gain clarity on the current uses of Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

The results of this survey have shown that in the level of interest, awareness, concerns and actions taken or being taken in the area of Social Media and Social Media Marketing are similar across the survey participants.

The concerns and fears listed confirm that there are at least five issues or areas that most participants share:

  • Time management;
  • Lack of knowledge;
  • Privacy of personal data;
  • Abuse of information (personal and business), content (articles, eBooks and copyright) and links (links to friends, family, customers and business associates);
  • Lack of protection of content being copied and used without permission; and
  • Mixing of business and personal channels. Does the exposure of personal information and business information on the same platform enhance or degrade the personal or business relationships?

In the most part these can be addressed in a coaching environment. The coaching tools that could be applied effectively are:

  • Powerful and/or Challenging Questions: could be applied to help the coaching client discover and explore the reasons behind fears or concerns.
  • Creating Confidence: for the coaching client to take action steps to move forward towards a goal they may set with regards to Social Media application.
  • Reframing or Changing a Perspective: may allow a coaching client to gain clarity and create positive views or feelings towards Social Media.
  • Structures: could allow the coaching client to place controls and guidelines in the use of and application of Social Media.
  • Accountability Guides: could be established by the coaching client to keep their Social Media activities within the Structures the client puts in place.
  • Action vs Delay: as a coaching tool could help the coaching client discover reasons for their delay in actioning Social Media applications and then use other coaching tools and methodologies to set actions steps to a plan and then actioning these steps.

The 2010 survey by Kaojai Coaching indicates that the main UAC’s (Underlying Automatic Commitments) are possibly fear based and include: fear of the unknown (lack of knowledge of Social Media), the feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of Social Media channels and the perceived notion of a considerable amount of time a participant has to devote to Social Media activity.

It is clear that most participants (92.4%) are actively searching or will be actively searching for help and support when it comes to gaining knowledge on Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

However, only 66% of the survey participants would consider “out sourcing” their Social Media Marketing needs.

The survey discovered an interesting comparison: 50% of those surveyed by Kaojai Coaching would consider out sourcing their Social Media Marketing campaign. Yet, 50% of businesses that are managing their own Social Media Marketing campaigns have reported that they haven’t attracted any or very few, potential clients to their websites or “points of sale” in their business. In a report by Socialnomics (2009), 90% of businesses that are out sourcing their Social Media Marketing campaigns are reporting a positive ROI (return on investment).

How can you find out more about Social Media Marketing?  Click on these links for support:  Kaojai-SEO Support Programs or have a free chat with Social Media Coach Brian at:  Chat With Brian


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      Thanks for the feedback… it’s always appreciated to receive this kind of feedback from a fellow blog writer. Good content marketing is one of the strong points of Social Media Marketing.

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