Social Media – Effects on Coaching

With the development and now wide acceptance of Social Media over the past couple of years, the level of confusion, uncertainty and fear has also grown.  The term “Social Media” was first used after LinkedIn created their social network application around 2004 (source Wikipedia).

The speed in development and the growing number of new Social Media resources or channels is cause for concern for many people and businesses and has only added to the confusion.   Is this boom in Social Media also the foundation for the birthing of Social Media Coaching?

Social Media is all about relationship building, relationship nurturing and relationship marketing. Social Media Coaching will in most part have a foundation built on Relationship Coaching, Social Media knowledge development and Social Media Marketing techniques.

The possible effects of Social Media, both positive and negative are still to be quantified. The amount of information for help and guidance for Social Media Coaching is still being written and when searched on Google and other web based information sources the amount and quality of written information and supportive documentation is lacking at best.

If you would like more information about Social Media and/or Social Media Coaching… please contact Brian by clicking on this link: Contact Brian


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