Time Management – or the lack of it!

As a Business Consultative Coach one of the main questions I get asked is this:  how do I manage my inbound emails?

A pattern I started to see with my own emails was the frequency I was receiving emails from the people I had to give my email address to to receive their free eBook, newsletter or other free product/s download.   In some cases I was receiving emails a couple times a day and in other cases at least once a day.

Another problem area was working my way through my business emails, family emails and emails from friends!Now don’t get me wrong… I love getting eBooks and newsletters, there’s some really good and useful information in a lot of these, not all… some are full of junk too!  We all know what’s going to happen once we give someone our email address… we’re GOING to get emails from them with a view of selling us their “paid for” services.

Most of these emails have an opt-out link at the bottom of them, but remember the original question was… how to manage “inbound emails”?

So what’s the answer?  What’s the big secret?  How does Coach Brian do it?

Have separate email accounts for each group!

If you have your website hosted, the hosting company usually provides you with the option to have more than one email account.  Even if you use Gmail or an online service like that, you can just set up separate accounts for each group by using unique names for each group.  Below is a sample of what I’m talking about:

  1. Business emails:  reception@blahblah.com or maybe:   sales@blahblah.com
  2. Personal emails:  me@blahblah.com (this can be broken down further to a separate account for family and one for friends)
  3. Newsletters (that you want to keep):  newsletters@blahblah.com
  4. Free downloads:  downloads@blahblah.com

So right now you might be thinking… I am still getting all these emails and now I have more than one email account to check.  It sounds to me like things just got worse not better!

Simple… you set up a schedule to check emails:

  • you check business and personal emails daily (you can even leave these email accounts open if you’re on line all day like me, hey this is my business so it’s like having my place of business open during working hours right?)
  • you might check newsletter emails once a week or as your time allows and
  • you check the free download emails only when you actually give that email address for a free download.

Okay now for those of you that use the email opt-in technique for getting emails from potential clients might be wondering how Coach Brian does it (that is… get potential clients)?  I will write about that soon or if you would like to know more NOW, then please contact me via Skype at: kaojai.au (if I am on-line at Skype I am available or my business is open for business!, if I don’t respond then please leave a message I will get back to you!) or you can email me at:  reception@kaojaicoaching.com

Take care and remember to:  “Pay it Forward”

Coach Brian


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