Make millions on-line while you sleep!

Or at least that’s the message some people/businesses are peddling.

Let me put it this way…  the story goes like this right?

I have just spent the last 12 months creating an on-line system that guarantees results.  I have decided to list this special offer for a one time chance for you to jump on board!  In the last month I have made over $150,000 and now I am going to share my secrets with you!  The best part of this deal is that it’s only going to cost you $49.95 to learn these same secrets that I used to make $150,000 and blah blah blah… I think you get the message!Really if I had a system to make $150,000 per month or even $15,000 per month “guaranteed” and there’s room for thousands of people to do this… yeah right pull the other one, do you think I would share it with anyone and even if I was compelled to help you make millions each year from “my new system” do you honestly believe that I would sell it for $49.95?

Really the golden rule applies here… if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is!

Wake Up!  It was only a dream…


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