Time Management Services

One of the tools we use for ourselves as well as our clients is project/client management software.  There are several available and after looking at and testing several of them we decided on BaseCamp.BaseCamp give Kaojai Coaching the hands-on approach we like to have with our clients.  When our clients log onto their account the first page is an overview of messages, To-Do lists, milestones/goals, files and documents.  All our work with each client is done from BaseCamp.  We don’t use email as the primary communications tool.  The message section of BaseCamp is just like email with the added advantage of having all messages pertaining to a client or a clients project are all in one place.

This is the perfect tool for accountability for us and for our clients.  All tasks go on the To-Do list section and then issued to the person responsible to complete the task.  Once a task is complete it is then marked completed and stored at the bottom of the list.

There are two special features that I really like… the first is the live chat facility!  Our clients can chat with us at any time using the chat tab.  We create a chat-room just for them for ease of use.  And the other special feature for Kaojai is the security.  BaseCamp is very secure with using and transferring documents and their backup system ensures that nothing is lost should our computers or our clients computers lose data or a hard drive.

When you work with Kaojai Coaching we help you set and manage your goals and the tasks or steps to reach these goals.

If you think this is impressive you should see the program my VPA uses!  It’s made by the same people that make BaseCamp.  My VPA keeps my schedule and other daily and weekly tasks up to date and it takes very little of my time to manage my schedule now.  My VPA “Gene” does it all!

If you want more information regarding this article please send me an email and I will do my best to help you.

Take care…  Coach Brian



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