Looking for “Free-Range” Webinar Presenters!

Is there any “Free Range” Webinar presenters out there?  Lately most of the webinars I have been attending seem to have the same old format.  As sales and marketing types is the best we can do is to copy each other?  The story-line and format these days just seems to be the same ol’ banter.It goes something like this…

  • I was down and out
  • I had $2 left in the bank and bills of $30,000 due tomorrow at 12 noon
  • I’ve been sleeping at my brothers house, sharing the laundry floor with his dog
  • Insert pictures here, of me sleeping with the dog on on the laundry floor
  • Then it came to me (I’m a loser), no seriously… it all made sense… with this one idea I’ve had for the last 13 months I can create wealth over-night and pay off all my bills
  • The next day I had all my bills paid and enough left over to buy the yellow Ferrari I’ve always dreamed of and take my new wife on a world cruise
  • Again insert pictures to prove this success… us on top of Everest, walking the Great Wall of China and standing on top of one of the Pyramids of Egypt and don’t forget the romantic beach-side candle lit dinner on beautiful Whitehaven beach and
  • You too can have all this and more! (sorry I forgot to insert the picture of the yellow Ferrari)

And now I’m going to share this fantastic idea with you but this is a one time deal and is limited to either the first 15 takers or all subscriptions end at 5 pm today EST and at 5:15 I’m going to burn the documents and this idea will be dead forever… so if you don’t act now you’re really going to look silly!

Okay I think you have to point I’m trying to make.

So my question is (and no it’s not, am I a jerk?  I’m sure some of you are wondering about that)… is anyone (other than the great people at Hubspot) actually being creative in dialogue, content and presentation?  Or am I just signing up for all the wrong Webinars?

Why doesn’t someone just introduce themselves and/or their company, do their presentation, toss in a few bits about their products and/or services and end with a reasonable amount of time for Q&A’s?

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not directing any of this towards or at anyone who really is doing it tough these days and I know that many people are, I am only talking about the same old banter that we seem to hear way to often at the beginning of Webinars.

So if you are really doing it tough and would like some “free” help to get your business going in the right direction then please send me an email and I will do my best to see what I can do to help you.  You can use the form on this website or send an email to:  reception@kaojaicoaching.com

Remember to “Pay it Forward”




One thought on “Looking for “Free-Range” Webinar Presenters!”

  1. This made me laugh Brian, it is so true! All we really need to say is ‘This is what I’ve got (“free help”), this is what it’ll do for you (“get your business going in the right direction”) and this is what I want you to do next (“send me an email”). Thanks for sharing! Annie 🙂

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