Twitter – does more really equal better?

Over the last several months and many, many discussions in groups about Social Media Marketing including the use of Twitter, I have discovered a very interesting fact.  Some of you may already know this but sometimes I can be a little slow to pick up on trends too.  Like my clients, I am always on a learning curve to understand and use these very powerful Social Media channels and tools, like Twitter.Okay back to the discovery…  I often wondered why I would get tweet after Tweet after Tweet from some people I was following.  Sometimes this was so annoying that I would stop following someone… even if I really was interested in what they had to say.  I always thought that they were just spamming their Tweets… okay I’m sure some people do this too but not everyone.

What I have found out is that maybe… just maybe they were tweeting so often because their tweet was being moved off the page so fast that many people didn’t even get a chance to read it.  Maybe some people are re-tweeting so often because their followers are losing their messages in the piles of messages they are receiving, before anyone even gets a chance to read it!

I have been doing some tweets for one of my clients, they have over 2000 followers, cool heaps of potential business there right?  Wrong, I noticed that even on my clients Twitter the posted message was moving off the page so quick that with just a second click of the mouse the message was several pages back in history!  I watched this for a couple of messages and did some re-tweets of my own message and sometimes there could be another 200+ tweets within minutes.

Why didn’t I see this before… simple I only have 60+ followers and I’m following less than this, so the action on my Twitter is at a much slower pace.

So is more better?  My experience says no it’s not.  What’s the solution, if you’re really wanting to connect with people on twitter as a business tool then you should consider these steps in deciding who you follow and who you allow to follow you:

  • Are they a person or Company you want to follow
  • Do they provide interesting information
  • Do they follow an excessive number of people (new idea)
  • Do they have an excessive number of people following them (new idea) and
  • Are you just clogging up each others Twitter in-box or really value adding to each others business.

Of course this doesn’t apply to those that use Twitter as a communications tools…

I would like some feedback and thoughts on this information please… whats you’re experience?


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