Social Media 31 – Social Disease?

One of the most asked questions is: how many hours a day do I have to do Social Media Marketing for my on-line business?

My first thought about this question is:  this question is asked like Social Media is a Social Disease.Okay that might be over-stating the question a bit but to a Social Media type of person it’s a bit “out there”.

When we’re (you and me) running our own business… be it on-line or off-line there’s a certain amount of “WORK” required to accomplish the “mission”.  Remember that our “mission” is to attract potential clients that will convert to customers, right?

If your Social Media Marketing take several hours a day and your “other” business work combined is still your normal eight hours a day… what does it matter?  Meaning… if you do 1, 2, or 5 hours a day of Social Media Marketing… isn’t that the same as doing work?

So what I’m saying here is: there is no hard and fast rule as long as your Social Media work is to generate business.  If you’re doing too many SMM hours and your “better half” is starting to kick up a bit of noise then we need to chat ( Social Media Coaching), but if you’re spending a few hours a day or several hours a day doing Social Media to generate business then that’s okay…

Remember… the focus is to generate business.

From a distance…



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