The key to successful relationships is?

The key to successful relationships is effective communications… The key to effective communications is understanding.

This short phrase got me thinking about effective communication in todays environment of mis-understanding.  What I mean is that as the world gets smaller (global community) we are communicating and building relationships with people from many different lands, languages and cultures.If we could just stop and listen, I mean really listen to what someone is saying, maybe we’ll get a hold of enough of their message to start creating that understanding that is necessary to build and develop the relationships we all need in our lives.

What we need is a communications tool that provides a framework of understanding, that helps us facilitate effective communications and that helps to build successful relationships.

The key is finding a tool that is easy to use, simple to apply and effective!  One we can use everyday without having to think about it or drag out the computer or a 150 page book.

There is such a tool, in fact there’s a couple of them but from what I’ve seen (and I’ve tried them all) there is one tool that stands head and shoulders above the rest… FACE Communication Styles.  With some basic training in FACE which only takes one hour, you can start to discover peoples communication styles and in a very short time you can accurately work out someones communication style in just two questions.

Imagine just how much easier and better our relationship building will be if we know how to communicate with someone… in their own communication style!


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