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The key to successful relationships is?

The key to successful relationships is effective communications… The key to effective communications is understanding.

This short phrase got me thinking about effective communication in todays environment of mis-understanding.  What I mean is that as the world gets smaller (global community) we are communicating and building relationships with people from many different lands, languages and cultures. Continue reading The key to successful relationships is?

Twitter – does more really equal better?

Over the last several months and many, many discussions in groups about Social Media Marketing including the use of Twitter, I have discovered a very interesting fact.  Some of you may already know this but sometimes I can be a little slow to pick up on trends too.  Like my clients, I am always on a learning curve to understand and use these very powerful Social Media channels and tools, like Twitter. Continue reading Twitter – does more really equal better?

Time management Problems?

Kaojai Coaching is like any other business… I’m too busy to take care of the day to day tasks in my business.  Last month I started searching for a service that could help me manage my time and take over some of the day to day tasks that I really couldn’t be bothered doing.  I didn’t want to hire a full time or part time secretary as that’s too costly.  What I found was a number of Virtual Personal Assistant businesses.  After researching a few of them I selected and I  signed up with “Your VPA“. Continue reading Time management Problems?

Make millions on-line while you sleep!

Or at least that’s the message some people/businesses are peddling.

Let me put it this way…  the story goes like this right?

I have just spent the last 12 months creating an on-line system that guarantees results.  I have decided to list this special offer for a one time chance for you to jump on board!  In the last month I have made over $150,000 and now I am going to share my secrets with you!  The best part of this deal is that it’s only going to cost you $49.95 to learn these same secrets that I used to make $150,000 and blah blah blah… I think you get the message! Continue reading Make millions on-line while you sleep!

Time Management – or the lack of it!

As a Business Consultative Coach one of the main questions I get asked is this:  how do I manage my inbound emails?

A pattern I started to see with my own emails was the frequency I was receiving emails from the people I had to give my email address to to receive their free eBook, newsletter or other free product/s download.   In some cases I was receiving emails a couple times a day and in other cases at least once a day.

Another problem area was working my way through my business emails, family emails and emails from friends! Continue reading Time Management – or the lack of it!

Word of mouth or world of mouth?

Word of mouth or world of mouth? The building of Social Media relationships is paramount in the way people will communicate, work and play… Social Media Coaching will be a key source in providing support and understanding for this new wave of technology.

Wikipedia defines Social Media Marketing as: “the process of promoting a site, business, or brand through Social Media channels by engaging and interacting with existing consumers or potential consumers”.

Social Media Marketing, being an internet based community, is closely tied to non-internet based marketing such as word of mouth advertising.  The common ground between these two methods of course lies in the “viral marketing” ability of engaging communities and establishing relationships.  The main difference lies in the medium in which they are applied.

Social Media Marketing is created through the use of networking in social networks, social groups and social websites.

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